Boat maintenance

Yacht Repair in Florida

Boat maintenance is crucial to boat’s longevity, Finding a local business that specializes in boat maintenance, repair and restoration is key to make sure you’ll have a great time on the water. Take advantage of this opportunity to guarantee your fun on the water and make sure your boat is in good condition.

Boat Maintenance in Florida

How we repair your fiberglass

To repair your damage, our fiberglass technicians grind away all delaminated or damaged fiberglass to sound material and then lay up precut concentric sections of fiberglass mat, roving, cofab (X mat) or cloth saturated with either polyester, vinylester or epoxy resins. 
If the area is cracked, crushed or delaminated, these areas have to be removed and replaced with new material and then layered with fiberglass and resin. Once the repaired area has cured, it is sanded, faired in, primed and painted or gel coated

Why Choose Adriatic Boatworks?

30 Day Mechanic Guaranteed!!

Boat Works & Services

We are the only shop in the Fort Myers area to work on I/O’s and engines over ten years old.
We have 34 storage spaces for RV, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trailer, Cars, Boats for only $3 per foot.
If you have a boat in need of boat hull repair, rebuilding, or total restoration, Adriatic Boatwoks will be happy to take on your project.
​When it comes to bringing out the luster and shine in your boats interiors and exteriors, it pays to get the services of tried, tested, and proven detailing professionals.
We have experience and knowledge to design, install, troubleshoot, and provide technical support for all your marine electronics needs.
We test, service, clean, repair nearly all top feed gasoline and alcohol fuel injectors, we also service GDI Direct Injectors (Excluding Diesel).
We are the only shop in the Fort Myers area to work on I/O’s and engines over ten years old.
We handle all boat repairs. No job is too big or too small for us. We have factory certified mechanics that work on all boats.
We are ready to help you weigh repowering options. If it’s Rainy Season, considering repowering while performing seasonal service

We service all makes and model engines

Marine Electronic & Accessories

Marine Supply & Accessories

30 Day Mechanic Guaranteed!!