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How to store a boat is a conundrum mostly for new boat owners and boat lovers. With a lot of options and offers available, different factors play along which complicate including accessibility, proper storage, costs, and upkeep to store a boat.

Here we share some boat storage options with frequently asked questions to help you a step closer and decide how and where to store your boat investment in Fort Myers, Florida.

Dry Stack Vs. Wet Slip

Wet Slip

Wet slip storage is storing the boat in the waters either under covered or uncovered slips. Beneficially, the boat is ready for use anytime at a moment’s notice.

Dry Dock

If you prefer to dry stack or dry dock your boat, the boat will be stored inland. The boat storage company will use a forklift or a crane to lift your boat from the water to the boat shelves, usually, a large building or an outside facility to keep your boat safe, secured, and protected.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Storage

Usually, deciding how you would store your boat rests on some of these questions:

Several factors may influence your decision in weighing the storage for your boat. However, better read on to know more, compare, and decide which one is the best storage option for your boat.

Boat Storage Options and its Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Dry Stacked Storage (Facility/ Warehouse)

If you plan to store your boat inland and have no plans of using it for a longer time, dry stacked storage is your best option. There are a number of dry stacked storage companies with warehouses, facilities, or buildings where they stack multiple boats, mostly smaller boats using forklifts or cranes to store and remove boats.


  • Protected from weather elements and UV damage

  • Dry stacked buildings are secured from thieves and vandalism

  • Saves costly trailer maintenance

  • Best storage option for smaller boats

  • Cheaper in cost compared to marina storage


  • Takes time to get your boat if you need it

  • Some dry stacked facilities have limits on the number of times to take a boat

  • Other outside coastal areas dry stacked facilities are hard to find and more pricey

  • Some dry stacked storage is good for smaller boats, and not for larger ones

2. Garage Boat Storage (Home Storage)

The cheapest, and most convenient boat storage option, right at your own garage! No more costly fees, and worries of checking the boat at a storage warehouse or marina.


  • Easily Available

  • Free of Charge

  • Maintenance any time without pulling out of storage

  • A garage protects against outside elements, vandalism, and burglary


  • Garage has limits to space for other vehicles

  • A garage is susceptible to pests and rodents

3. Indoor Boat Storage (Self Storage Facility)

If neither garage storage nor dry racked storage is available, an indoor self-storage facility is the next best option. Indoor vehicle storage at a storage warehouse can safely protect your boat during severe winters.


  • Storage facilities are everywhere

  • Some facilities have security video surveillance and gated accessibilities

  • Even some indoor boat storage has climate control systems


  • Costly fees

  • Some facilities are not suited for large boats

4. Boat Parking (Trailer at Home)

Trailers can also be used as boat storage solutions in your driveway or at the side of your house. Easy, convenient, and budget-wise.


  • Free of charge in the parking

  • 24-hour Accessibility

  • Less maintenance cost


  • Some homeowners associations do not allow boat parking on driveways

  • Low protection against weather elements

  • Vulnerable to thieves and pests

5. Covered Outdoor Boat Storage (Self-Storage Facility)

Another affordable option is covered outdoor storage spaces at a self-storage facility. Most facilities are spacious and available for large boats or mid-sized boats.


  • Protects from weather damages

  • Some self-storage facilities are equipped with security cameras and keypad entry

  • Cost-effective than indoor boat storage


  • Less protection to elements

  • Difficult to find with so many storages

6. Outdoor Boat Storage (Self-Storage Facility)

If you are living in weather fairly mild all year long, uncovered outdoor storage is an economical option. In addition, it has great security options and a lot of options for all boat sizes.


  • Low-cost self-storage

  • More secure compared to an outdoor vehicle parking storage


  • More exposed winds, rain, and UV lights

  • More vulnerable to rodents, pests, and other animals

7. Wet Slip Storage (Marina)

If convenience is your priority, and money is no problem, wet slip storage in a marina is the ideal storage option. Marinas offer boat marina slips or parking spaces with different rates that depend on location.


  • Most marinas offer socializing opportunities, electrical hookups, and other amenities

  • No more boat trailer worries

  • No delays for starting boat seasons


  • Marina fees are costly but depend also

  • Minimum Security

  • Vulnerable to algae, barnacles, and boat damages

8. Boat Storage (Boat Lift)

Marina offers short-term boat storage. There are three types of boat lifts namely floating, suspending, and bottom standing, however, boat lifts depends on:

  • if the dock is floating or fixed

  • deepness of water

  • local climate


  • No problem with accessibility

  • Boat availability 24 hours/ 7days a week/ 365 days a year


  • Short-term solution

  • Susceptible to severe weather or hurricanes

  • Vulnerable against elements, flooding, and aquatic pests

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Typically, documents like proof of insurance and contract terms such as first month’s payment, last month’s payment, and security deposit.

Typically, the most storage facility has its own liability protection system, as written on the contract. Better check the contract first before signing. Doing on your own simple cleaning and basic maintenance works is fine.

Usually, wet slips use and supply electrical pedestals for charging the boat’s batteries.

Most facilities have standard schedule procedures under regular seasons. However, during busy seasons it depends. Scheduling a day or two ahead helps the facility prepare in advance.

Commonly, the height and beam in all are computed from the keel to the highest point. While for the length, it is the bow pulpits, engines, and swim platforms.

Most storage facilities and Marinas offer their clients a variety of contract options. Normally, seasonal or monthly basis contract types are available, with discounts for long-time commitment customers.

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