Importance of Boat Detailing Services in Fort Myers, Florida

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Did you know that there are 959 thousand registered recreational boating vessels in Florida? The Sunshine State is home to the east coast water-loving people and the joy of owning a boat investment either for cruising, fishing, or simply idling off on the waters of Florida is a worthy and priceless investment.

Boat investment particularly yachts, whether a big or small boat, is a property asset that needs proper care and boat detailing services or maintenance. Boat detailing is essential to keep the boat good-looking and in top shape, and to extend the life of the boat. Here we share some boat detailing tips, particularly for yachts or for any kind of boat in Fort Myers, Florida.

Importance of Boat Detailing

Whether it’s boat season or non-boat season, every boat should be regularly detailed to ensure in keeping it looking clean and brand new, and at the same time to prolong the boat’s life. Routinely scheduled boat detailing also helps detect small repair problems from making them major ones and avoiding costly disastrous repair issues.

A professionally detailed boat is well-protected from developing an oxidization stain when not used for a long time. By hiring specialists in boat detailing you can make sure your boat investment is in good hands and will give you peace of mind.

Advantages of Boat Detailing

1. Adds More Value

Boat detailing services can keep the boat in good condition and look as good as new. If you plan to sell your boat in the future, a regular detailed boat is always ready for sale and even can give you a better price more than its original price.

2. Longer Boat Life

Frequent boat detailing can prolong the life of the boat. For yachts that are stored on docks, the threats from outside elements are many and can slowly damage the structure of the boat. But with boat detailing services you can prevent these damages to occur and protect the integrity of the boat for more years of use and enjoyment.

3. Keeps Off Algae Growth

Routine boat detailing services helps keep your boat away from growing algae or other forms of fungi that may already be growing on the insides. Once fungus or algae started to develop and spread all over the boat it would be hard to remove and more costly when it comes to recovery.

4. Less Work and More Time Saved

Detailing a boat takes a team of technicians to finish the job. Making it your Do-It-Yourself project is not practical even if you have the time, and most importantly, detailing requires equipment and experience. Also, for busy boat owners, boat detailing takes days or weeks to finish, so better consider letting the professionals handle the boat and simply do what you love most – relaxing and enjoying your free time on the waters.    

Boat Detailing Process

1. Rinse and Wash

Start your boat detailing by rinsing the yacht thoroughly for grime and grit on its surface. Use a hose nozzle with clean water working your way from top to bottom, then from bow to the stern to make the workload is systematic and less time-consuming. If you have a pressure washer, better use it to ensure a much faster and easier way of rinsing.

At first, if you find boat detailing much harder than expected, you can consider hiring professionals to do the detailing works for you. They can get the work done faster and with high-quality clean in no time.

2. Use the Right Soap

It is important to use always boat soaps when doing detailing. Avoid using household soaps for they can damage the surface coatings, especially if they would dry off. Several marine wash shampoos are available either in a concentrated or granular form particularly for yachts.

3. Select the Right Brushes

Your yacht is an investment that needs top-notch-quality treatment – with premium-quality brushes. For boat detailing, use two types of brushes: soft bristles and stiff bristles. 

4. Spot-less Finish

Most yacht owners after cleaning up their boats, simply left it off-dry, which is wrong.

There are still spots that need to be wiped off to make it shinier and look fresh. Use a squeegee or a PVA cloth with an absorber to wipe off thoroughly the surfaces of the boat.

5. Wax It Off

Waxing is another finish-off-touches that is essential in boat detailing. Coat waxing and polishing protects the surfaces and the painting of the boat, making the yacht looking like brand new again.

6. Interior Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning on the inside parts of the yacht where stubborn stains and marks are hard to remove, it is best to leave it to the specialist. These professionals have the experience and are equipped with tools and accessories to clean up and polish the upholstery, and metal surfaces without damaging the boat.

7. Anti-fouling Maintenance

This last step is necessary for boat detailing, where an anti foulant paint coating is applied to the underwater part of a yacht’s hull. Antifouling is a maintenance procedure to protect the boat from fouling organisms and biofouling on a boat’s hull. The process is complex and dangerous for those who have no experience, consider calling in the experts in boat detailing.

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