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Frequently Inboard / Outboard (I/O) Boat Engines Questions Answered

Whether you are planning to buy a new boat engine or upgrade to a different engine type, choosing the right type of engine is important. For most boat lovers some are loyal to outboard engines while others are devoted to inboard engines of their boats. Take a moment of a glimpse about inboard and outboard engines before choosing and deciding what’s best for your boat engine investment in Fort Myers, Florida.

Inboard Engines

Inboard Engines or also known as Sterndrive, is the marine propulsion system, mounted inside the hull or under the deck of the boat. Usually, either mounted at the center of the boat or stowed inside the transom that has a drive shaft extending through the hull and with a propeller driving the engine.


Inboard engines are best for water sports boats such as waterskiing and wakeboarding. They provide better wake control, increased towing power, and a more open transom for tow roping. Also, its lower center of gravity design makes it easy and smooth through big ocean waves.

Outboard Engines

An outboard engine is another type of propulsion system for boats, which is affixed outside of the transom including a gearbox and a jet drive or propeller. They are the most common motorized form of propelling for small boats. Most boat owners love outboard engine types because they can be easily removed for repairs or storage purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on where it will be used, either for inshore or offshore waters. Though there were advantages and disadvantages on both inboard and outboard engines, they are both better. Inboard engine boats for fishing on shallow waters or for fun like water sports are some of its ideal options.

Outboard engines are best for fishing in salt waters with less maintenance. However, it depends on how you use the boat and your personal preferences.

Commonly, most inboard engines last from 2,000 to 3,000 hours. However, it all depends on how the boat was used and its upkeep maintenance. For some boat lovers, they can extend up to over 5,000 hours, with tender care and little luck.

Just make sure to wash off the engine system after the freshwater use. Freshwaters can quickly corrode the engine to damages and breakage.

Inboard engines run much quieter than its counterpart. Since the engine is installed in a compartment in the middle of the boat its noise is more confined. Also, its center of gravity provides a more beneficial drifting experience to its passengers.

Based on 2016 NADA reports, there are 165,435 outboard engine boats sold, which indicates outboard engines are more popular than inboard engine boats. Probably, the reason behind this is the high consumer demand which depends on its cost-effective and low maintenance features.

Inboard and Outboard Engine Options

When it comes to the outboard engine boat market, Mercury is one of the top engine boat players. They have 80 years of boating and out-boating experience and still have a high reputation among the outboard engine players. Mercury Marine offers a variety of outboard engines with each model providing the best features and benefits to different types of boat lovers or owners.

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Popularly, Ranger Boats is famous as the bass boat producer on the boat market. They are the pioneers and developers of modern bass boats.

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Suzuki engines live up to its name in the motorcycle world, but also in the boat market. Nowadays, the company is catching up with other top boat engine players with its several best engine models. Suzuki offers different outboard engines for all types of recreational boats whether big or small. Popularly, they are famous when it comes to reliability and durability.

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Volvo Penta is one of the most powerful next-generation marine gasoline engines. Its 380 and 430 hp models, uses General Motors’ Gen-V block and innovative technical features making them unmatched to any other marine gasoline engine in terms of horsepower.

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