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Fort Myers, Florida is the home to thousands of boat owners and lovers. Probably, you are one of those who love to cruise the waters, both inshore and offshore, either for fun, work, or just idling time.

Whether you just recently bought a new boat, upgrade, or retrofit an old boat, choosing and installing the right electronic equipment is important that needs priority on your to-do-new-boat lists. Here are some essential electronics that is a necessity in every boat:

1. Multifunction Displays (MFDs)

Multifunction Displays is a must for a boat because it is the ‘brain of your boat’. They integrate all the systems into one single interface, where the user can control either with a keypad or touch screen control.
Nowadays, modern designed multifunction displays are high-tech and advanced when it comes to specification capabilities. Particularly, one such tech feature is ‘digital switching’, which allows the user to control on and off any device from the MFD screen.
MFD’s control devices such as:

2. Raymarine Global Positioning System(RGPS)

Raymarine global positioning system, also known chartplotter, is a navigational device combined with a capability of GPS mapping and phone.  
This device is simple and easy, its basic concept is the same as navigating a car with GPS mapping. Though there may be no road, still considerable factors should be taken into account like hazards to navigation, water depth, and navigational aids.

3. VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range

The Very High Frequency (VHF) radio is one of the most important and most essential electronic devices every boat needs. They are the most reliable way to communicate by transferring and receiving messages or signals.

VHF radio range is very helpful during emergency times, sending distress messages or signals to authorities, other boats, or ships. Also, they can be used for making calls through a marine operator.

4. Forward Looking Infrared System (FLIS)

The Forward Looking Infrared System is a device that creates an infrared image of an area or scene, which ‘scans’ for objects or things and can be seen on the screen. Though the technology may be old, since the 1950s, still highly effective and reliable as compared to scanning with a moving sensor like before.

5. Fish Finder

Another important device for a new boat, particularly for fishing purposes. Though the device is built-in on most MFD’s some you can still find some units standing alone only. Usually, fish finder stand-alone units are used on most boats such as center consoles, small all-purpose fishing boats, and other boats designed for fishing.

6. Engine Monitor

If you want to know, monitor, or check up your engine, this device provides you digital gauges such as temperature, fuel level, and tachometer. Usually, built-in on most MFD devices can display abnormality or irregularities of engine circuitry.

7. Satellite Communications Systems

When it comes to offshore cruising, satellite communications systems are the preferred boat equipment choice. Works best for out-of-range cellular towers and satellite weather scanning and monitoring, both daytime and nighttime.

Other Electronics to Consider

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What electronic current do boats use, AC or DC?

Usually, boats use DC power, while others work on AC. Direct current or AC got its current from batteries and on low voltage. Most electronic devices on small boats are designed for DC power.

2. Are boat electronics water-proof?

Yes. The radar system and GPS device are susceptible to moisture and water damages.

3. What is the lifespan of boat electronics?

With the fast advancement of technology, seven years is the lifespan use of electronic equipment and devices.

4. Is it advisable to repair old electronics?

Whenever an old electronics bugs down, it is better to upgrade to a new one. Besides the fact, technology is fast advancing like touchscreen MFDs, 3D sonar, auto-charting, wireless connectivity, and plug-and-play system integration.

5. Is it hard to learn boat electronic devices?

No. Most boat equipment uses the same basic concepts on its functionality and uses as in land-based devices. Take, for example, the GPS device of a boat, the fundamental concepts are the same as in GPS mapping on your phone and your car.

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